Travel without getting into debt: 5 questions to plan!

Did you take your well-deserved vacation from work and want to travel without getting into debt? We have prepared this article with 5 questions that you should take into consideration before you travel.

Prepare bags of quiet awareness and spare your pocket. Come on!


Travel without getting into debt

Where are you going?


Before traveling you need to define what your route will be and the expenses that will be involved.

If you are going by plane, you are probably already aware of the amount of airfare, but it is also worthwhile to include your transportation at the final destination.

Taxi, rental car, public transport, whatever, make a pre-calculation of expenses and know how much to save for this purpose.


Where you will stay?


Keeping in mind the profile of the trip you are looking for will help you calculate what your expenses will be.

If you prefer comfort and tranquility, for example, staying in a luxury hotel is much more expensive than staying in a hostel for those seeking an adventure.

When it comes to accommodation, consider whether you are alone or with your family, as it may be more feasible to rent a whole house for your family than to take them to a hotel.


What are you going to eat?

What are you going to eat?

Normally when we are traveling it is common that we want to try the typical dish of that region and attend the most different restaurants.

But remember to be cautious before you go out paying with your credit card, as the final bill can be a huge headache.

When defining your destination, also research the local cuisine and food, as well as the price range of dishes and restaurants, so you can save money and avoid surprises when paying the bill.


What documents will you bring?

What documents will you bring?

If the chosen destination is an international trip, for example, you will have to save an amount for the visa application and the necessary documentation.


What are you going to buy?

Traveling often involves shopping. Many of us want to bring home memories of the good times for loved ones or take advantage to get different products.

But at the time of shopping all care is little so things do not get out of control and you end up in debt.

If you are traveling as a family, set a credit limit for each one to spend, thus avoiding many impulsive purchases and consequently unnecessary expenses.

Use caution when using a credit card , especially with purchases in foreign currency , have a calculator in hand to assist you in calculations and maintain control.

Please also inquire about the charges for the use and release of the card when traveling internationally.


I lost control, what to do?


The excitement was high and you ended up getting into debt and do not know how to take it off?

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